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                                          When you call HomeServe for service 
1.  Be prepared to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for service.
2.  When you speak to customer service **You MUST tell them your Grinder pump is not working properly**, not that your light is flashing.  They will not know what that means.
3.  Use less water.
4.  If your tank begins to fill, you can call GTSA at 570-222-4889 to have your tank pumped out for a fee.
5.  If you have any problems you can contact GTSA at

HomeServe is an affordable alternative compared to the high price of grinder pumps. There's no obligation to take this coverage. 

 If you don't have HomeServe, please call any of the following for repair:

               GTSA 570-222-4888

               Drain Away S.O.S. 570-536-3373

               Koberlein 570-253-2360 

   It may take from 24-48 hours for service

         Payment is due at the time of repair

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